We Are a Community

The majority of PAL participants reside in the inner city of Las Vegas that often harbors a negative perception of law enforcement. When the PAL officer first enters a new neighborhood, residents are often wary. It takes time for relationships to form between the officers, the youths and their families. Once they get to know each other, a wall comes down and society becomes one step closer to bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community.

Not only do the youth benefit from the positive interaction with law enforcement, but the families benefit, as well.

Our community’s youth, ages 6–17, participate in one or more of the athletic and educational programs that are available, free of cost.

PAL’s boxing and basketball programs are taught in conjunction with the evidence-based programs, "Positive Action" and “BrainWise.” In addition to learning how keep their bodies in shape, PAL youths learn to keep their brains in shape, as well!

In addition to the regularly scheduled programs, PAL youth are encouraged to give back to their community. Participants are active in keeping our local neighborhoods clean, help with food distributions and donate time to local charities.

Board of Directors


Dan Barry


Curt Anderson


Dr. Colleen Harrington

Board Member

Chief Jacqueline Gravatt

North Las Vegas PD

Dr. Kyle Ward

Deputy Chief at City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety
Hines.John headshot 2022

John Hines

Vice President

Stephen Reid, ESQ

Legal Counsel

Chief Thedrick Andres, SR

City of Henderson PD

Chief Jason Potts

City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety
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Dr. Beverly Givens


Allison Barry

Office Manager

Chief Mike Blackeye

Clark County School District PD

Chief William H. Scott

State Attorney General's Office

Our Community

PAL offers a variety of interest-based learning and engagement programs that meet the needs of our schools, youth groups, and the community.

Using sports as a tool to encourage and motivate youth, we also challenge our participants to excel in the classroom and strive to become leaders in their communities.